Why You Should Print Your Railway Photos

Why You Should Print Your Railway Photos

These days, people don’t tend to print as much as they used to. In the earlier days of the internet, we had to print out any relevant information for future reference. Now we have devices that allow us to take that information with us easily. It Is a similar story with photos. Where we do a lot more saving to our clouds and sharing our shots through social media then printing anything out.

But if you are a keen railway photographer, let me assure you there are some reasons why printing out your latest captures is still a very worthwhile activity. It could even become our preferred way to archive our snapshots.

You Can Notice More Details

Something interesting tends to happen when you pick up a printed photo and examine it. You may notice things you didn’t on your PC, laptop or mobile screen. This could be down to the screen’s resolution. It may have a defect, not producing colours accurately or just being a bit dirty! Either way, it’s adjusting the way you see the photo. You do not have to contend with these factors when you print.

See the Real image

A filter can be fun, however in our digital, social media filled age, many of us will use a filter as a  default move. Sometimes though the best image we could have, is the one before filters are applied. If we are just printing our photos off, we don’t give ourselves the chance for filter edits and so produce our shots in a natural format.

In the same way, printing may help to encourage us to leave Photoshop and other editing programmes alone for a bit. Again, there is nothing wrong with these software options. But we can fall into the routine of using them by default. That is instead of letting the natural image do the talking some of the time.

It May Inspire You

Having something physical in your hands can inspire you more than just viewing a digital representation whilst hunched over a PC screen! Perhaps next time you shoot, you’ll shoot with a view to how the image could look in print, opening up a new style to experiment with.

It Can Add Value to Our Photos & Extend Their Life

Getting our railway photographs printed out on a physical medium can be a lovely way to display our images. We may even want to go a step further and add a printed photo to a frame. This can be for our displays or to make a gift. If printing our railway photos it can be lovely to create a physical presentation folder as a way of showcasing our best work-a lot more impressive viewing experience then just looking at digital folder collections.

There are some very good reasons to print out railway photos. So, stock up on some good quality photo paper and get printing favourite steam train photographs. You may well discover that adding printing to our photo sessions enhances the experience in a very satisfying way.

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