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How to Photograph Steam Trains

Steam trains on the mainline seem to be very popular today all over the UK. Many people love to have a ride behind the steam loco while others are happy to go out and photograph it.

Railway Photo or Art

One of the nice things about steam trains as a subject is that they lend themselves well to any of the different types of artistic expression available.

Why You Should Print Your Railway Photos

These days, people don’t tend to print as much as they used to. In the earlier days of the internet, we had to print out any relevant information for future reference.

Which is Better: Colour or Black and White Steam Train Photos?

Black and white photography has of course been around a lot longer than colour. Now we live in a time where colour is a possibility, and the default option of a modern camera.

Railway Photography is more than just Trains

When you tell someone that your hobby is railway photography I bet that they think you only photograph trains. I expect that most also include photographs from the following list in their collection.

Why is Steam Train Photography so Popular?

As the years go by different trends come in and go back out again. Some, however, stay around. In photography, we can definitely find different trends that go in and out of fashion.

Taking Railway and Train Photographs

For rail and photography enthusiasts, taking photos of railway and trains makes for an interesting and entertaining past time, and it is something that is enjoyed by many throughout the world.

LMS Royal Scot Class 7P 4-6-0 No: 46100 ‘Royal Scot’ and BR Standard Class 7 No: 70000 ‘Britannia’

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