Dartmouth Steam Railway

In this gallery you will see a collection of Dartmouth Steam Railway photographs which also include visiting locos.

History of the Branch Line

The Dartmouth Steam Railway is situated on the former Great Western Railway branch line between Paignton and Kingswear in South Devon. It is 6.7 miles (10.8 km) in length and has five stations, Paignton, Goodrington Sands, Churston, Greenway and Kingswear.

In 1859 the line had started being built broad gauge size and was completed in 1864. During 1892 the track was converted to standard gauge.

In 1968 the Ministry of Transport proposed that the line should be closed. The line eventually closed in October 1972. During December 1972 the line was sold to the Dart Valley Light Railway Ltd.

Over the years the name of the line has changed from the Dart Valley Light Railway Ltd to, Torbay Steam Railway to Torbay and Dartmouth Railway to Paignton and Dartmouth Steam Railway to its present name.

My Photographs

My favourite location for photography on this line is at Goodrington. Near the beach is a steep bank that will almost guarantee that there will be plenty of steam and smoke. This spot is very popular due to the steam loco having to work hard to climb the bank.

The loco that I like the most on this railway is the GWR 7800 Class No: 7827 ‘Lydham Manor’. This loco is used very often so gives me the chance to get some good photographs of it.

I hope you enjoy my Dartmouth Steam Railway photographs!

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