Diesel Train Photos

In this gallery you will see some of my mainline diesel train photos that I have taken here in Devon.

Although my main interest is steam trains I do like photographing some of the old classic diesels. My favourites are the Class 50 and the Class 45. I would see these everyday passing through my local train station. These bring back good memories to me from my trainspotting days back in the early 1980’s.

Today mainline diesel trains still run all over the UK. But it seems that some modern trains are not as popular as what was around in the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s.

We are still lucky enough to see some of the old classic diesels today on the mainline, mainly running on rail tours.

It would be a shame if you never get the chance to see your favourite old diesel train running on the mainline.

It might be worth checking out what Heritage Railways are in your area, nearly all have some classic diesels.

I would suggest you to take a look at the following two websites, Rail Tour Info and Railway Herald. You will find all the information needed about any tours that are due to run using either the modern or classic diesel train.

Like many other railway photographers, I still have some photographs from my early days. These are as negatives, prints and slides. I am hoping that one day they will all be on this site for you to view.

I hope you enjoy my diesel train photos!

This gallery was last updated on the 15th October 2021.

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