My Most Popular Railway Photograph

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My Most Popular Railway Photograph

I would like to think that everyone who likes to look at the railway photos on this website or on social media think that they are all very nice and quite popular!

On my Facebook page the following photograph at present (June 2020) seems to be my most popular.

Photograph Information

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LNER Peppercorn Class A1 No: 60163 ‘Tornado’

LNER Peppercorn Class A1 No: 60163 ‘Tornado’ is seen at Goodrington on the Dartmouth Steam Railway working the 1Z03 0557 Tame Bridge Parkway to Kingswear ‘The Dart & Torbay Express’ on the 6th July 2019.

Thank you to all those who did make this my most popular railway photo on my Facebook page.

The steam loco LNER Peppercorn Class A1 No: 60163 ‘Tornado’ is on my list as one of my favourite steam locos. I also love the location at Goodrington Bank for photography. The reason for this is because of the background view and knowing that nearly all steam trains will be working hard climbing up the bank and giving out plenty of steam.

Why is this Photo so Popular

So, I wonder then why do people like this steam train photo?

Is it because of the steam loco? To be honest I would be surprised if it was. I have spoken to many railway photographers and most of them said they prefer the older generation of steam locos.

What about the location? Well, I have put many on Facebook that I have taken at Goodrington and some have nowhere near this amount of figures.

Maybe there are naked people on the beach in the background. I bet someone will now go and have another good look at the photo!

I must admit that I do like this photograph although I am not sure that it is my best one that I have taken. Nearly everything just seems to be right on it, the loco, light, colour, background and sky.

The only disappointing thing about the photo is the lack of steam. But this photo was taken in the middle of the Summer and would have been a lot better if it was during the Autumn or Winter.

So, why do you think this railway photograph is very popular on Facebook then? You can answer this question if you wish by replying to this blog post, thank you.

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