Published Railway Photographs

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Published Railway Photographs

We all would love to have some of our own photographs published in railway magazines. I am sure those reading this probably already have.

Over the years I have been lucky and have had quite a lot of my railway photographs published in some of the UK’s most popular railway magazines.

Heritage Railway

Steam Railway

Railways Illustrated


The Railway Magazine

Below you will see some of my photographs that have been published.

Traction – November 2006

Back in 2006 I sent a class 40 rail tour photograph to the Traction magazine, hoping that it would get published. To my surprise I had an email from the editor asking if I could send a few more photos to him of different trains from the same station, Totnes in Devon. I had three photographs published on two pages.

Traction magazine

40145 is seen at Totnes working the 1Z40 06.51 Ealing Broadway to Penzance ‘The Whistling Pixie’ rail tour on the 28th August 2006

47828 ‘Joe Strummer’ and 47813 ‘John Peel’ are seen passing through Totnes working the 1Z65 05.47 Heartland Rail Tour from Wolverhampton to Penzance on the 19th August 2006

57602 hauling Class 43 HST no: 43091 and 43191 with stock through Totnes working the Laira to Laira via Newton Abbott for a load test on the 28th August 2006

Railways Illustrated – June 2011

The Railways Illustrated magazine published my D7612 photo from the South Devon Railway on the double centre page. I was amazed to see it once I bought the magazine, I did not expect that!

Railways Illustrated 2011

D7612 is seen at Hood Bridge working the 13.53 Parcels train from Bishops Bridge to Buckfastleigh on the 22nd April 2011 during the South Devon Railway Easter Gala

Heritage Railway – July 2018

This has to be the best of the best! Getting your photograph published on the front cover of a magazine must be pretty hard to get. When I found out that my steam train photo was due to go on the cover I was shocked and couldn’t believe it.

Today, the cover is in a frame and up on the wall in my home, I am very proud of it, as you can probably imagine.

Heritage Railway 2018

GWR 6000 Class No: 6023 ‘King Edward II’ is seen climbing Goodrington bank on the Dartmouth Steam Railway working the 16.30 Paignton to Kingswear service during the ‘KingsBeer Festival’ on the 14th July 2018

Earning money from getting photographs published in magazines is always very nice. But to tell you the truth, I am just happy that an editor thinks that my railway photo is worth publishing.

If you have never sent a photograph into a magazine then maybe it is worth you having a go. You will never get anything published unless you try, good luck!

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