Railway Photo or Art

Railway Photo or Art

One of the nice things about steam trains as a subject is that they lend themselves well to any of the different types of artistic expression available. This means that people can choose different railway photos formats for the images that they have shot, or created by other means.

Likewise, the choice of a photograph or other medium can be selected for the work of others, when you are looking to obtain work you admire. So, have you given it some thought to consider what is your preferred method? How do you best like to view railway photos? Would you rather showcase steam trains in their photographic form? Or use another artistic expression such as pencils, paints or digital art?

A lot of people, perhaps even most people, enjoy both photographic and alternative art forms for their steam train photography. Their choice would often depend on the context that they want the pictures for.


Steam Loco Steam Train Steam Train Photos

         Painting Art Design                                              Pencil Art Design                                        Genuine Photograph

You could argue that a photograph captures a steam train ‘as it is’, as opposed to an artists impression from another form of art. Therefore, if you were more interested in realism photos would be the way to go. Although, having said that of course, some skilled artists can recreate an image with amazing levels of detail! And don’t forget, photos can be shot a certain way and edited to give a ‘certain look.’ But yes, those seeking the most ‘natural reproduction’ would likely opt for the photographic choice.

And that brings us nicely to another reason as to why an alternative art form from photography might be selected. As mentioned photos can be played around with to a certain extent. But artists with mediums such as paints and pencils, can create their own unique style. Buyers may seek out and enjoy seeing a subject, such as steam trains, recreated in such a way. With these forms of art, they can also apply all sorts of styles to the subjects. For example, a style can cause the picture to take on a very surreal look or perhaps something more cartoon-like. For those seeking any images themed in such a way, the ‘arty’ choice will likely be selected.

Many people appreciate both the photographic and drawn options. But can choose depending on what they require the steam train imagery for. For example, is the image for a bedroom wall or an exhibit? Now either a photograph or drawing would look great in both places. But it depends on the person in question and what they are trying to get out and showcase with their collection.

Yes, there are some differences between the mediums. A drawing involves the illustrator either trying to recreate their subject as accurately as possible or add their spin on things, their ‘interpretation’. People may be trying to gather a certain look with a photograph. But perhaps, in general, are looking to keep it fairly close to the original look of the subject being shot.

You will ultimately have your own preference when it comes to railway photos. You can choose to have your steam train photos left as a photograph or another artistic endeavour. All methods have their benefits and can provide a very attractive prospect to a keen buyer of photography and other art forms as well as for the hobbyist who enjoys steam train photos.

The above two art designs were made using FotoSketcher which is Free!

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